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royal icing sugar cookies

One dozen minimum to place an order. final price determined by detail & customization
Pricing: $75/dozen or $80/dozen if metallics (gold, silver, etc.) are required. up to 4 designs per dozen or up to 6 designs for 2+ Dozen.

All orders must be made with a minimum of a 14-day anticipation to avoid rush order fees. 
orders are confirmed on our calendar once a 25% deposit is made and will be fulfilled with a full payment made no later than 7 days in advance of due date.

marsh-halo bars

Marshmallow and rice krispies cereal bar. individually wrapped or placed in cupcake liners. You can have them at their Standard size (4x4) or cut in half (4x2) for parties/dessert tables. Choose up to 4 flavors/dozen
standard sized or half-sized in cupcake liners: $48/dozen (or 24 cut pieces)
​half-sized and individually wrapped: $58/dozen (or 24 cut pieces)

Ube + oreo
Strawberries and cream
Buko pandan
chocolate and caramel
cookies and cream
banana toffee crunch
thai tea
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