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Custom royal icing sugar cookies

personalized sugar cookies designed to elevate your special event!
custom royal icing sugar cookies
  • starting at $75/dozen​​
how to order:
  • order request form on located on our "inquire" tab
    • details required: color scheme, photo inspiration (if any), specific design requests, customization notes (names, messages, occasion, etc.)​
  • one dozen minimum to place an order


Our signature sugar cookie with an image or logo of your choice! great for small gatherings, large corporate events or any size in between. Wow your guests with a cookie that looks as good as it tastes!


one dozen- $75 ($6.25 each)

13-50 cookies: $5.93 each (5% discount)

51-100: $5.75 each (10% discount)

101-200: $5.31 each (15% discount)

200+: $5.00 each (20% discount)

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