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marsh halo bars

signature marshmallow and rice crispy cereal bars
sizes and packaging:
  • standard sized or Mini sized
  • ​individually wrapped or on cupcake liners 
pricing for signature or plain flavors: 
  • $48/per:
    • 12 standard sized, individually wrapped​
    • 24 Mini sized, cupcake liners
  • $58/per:​
    • 24 mini sized, individually wrapped
custom marsh halos:
  • half dipped in custom colored icing
    • $66 per standard dozen or per 24 mini sized
  • color tinted, plain flavored
    • $66 per standard dozen or per 24 mini ​sized
Ube + oreo
Brown butter Vanilla
Strawberries and cream
Buko pandan
chocolate and caramel
cookies and cream
banana toffee crunch
Ube + Toasted coconut
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